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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Microsoft HoloLens

The more I see of the Microsoft HoloLens project, the more excited I get about seeing something like this make it out into the wild in the next few years.  THIS is what Google glass should have gone for.  Microsoft has "Appled" Google by making Augmented Reality actually useful and cool.

I'm not sure how good the images will look in real life, but Microsoft went to great pains to try to show users at their live demo today how visually stunning it really looks.   They had a video camera operator filming a user demonstrating it from their perspective which really made it come alive.

Apparently support for AR is going to be a big part of Windows 10, the next version of Windows.  Yeah, I know.  Apparently they decided to skip "Windows 9."  If So, they might actually have a chance at getting it on "1 billion devices" in three years.  Now note, I didn't say you would actually LOOK cool....hehehehheh.

Official Microsoft HoloLens Web site.

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